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WearEver DA Inside

We proudly present to you: WearEver DA Inside. We offer sustainable representation through stylish corporate suits made from 100% recyclable textile developed by textile innovation company Dutch Awearness. The brand WearEver DA Inside originates from a cooperation between Dutch Awearness and WearEver, a special subsidiary company of Dutch Awearness. WearEver DA Inside specialises in stylish corporate clothing for all formal services. We offer custom made wear, made specifically according to your wishes.


Circular Economy

All garments in the WearEver DA Inside collection are suitable for use in the circular economy. Dutch Awearness and WearEver take up the responsibility for the products and the entire circular process. We invite you to make the world a better place with us where there is no room for waste. We produce in a socially responsible manner with manufacturers that conform to the Code of Conduct of the International Labour Organization. At the end of their service life, the garments are collected and processed into raw material for a new, high quality line of stylish corporate wear. Waste is completely eliminated from the production cycle. In addition, the production process of WearEver DA Inside garments reduces CO² emission by 20 % and uses 50 % less water than regular cotton production.

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WearEver DA Inside aims to contribute to a cleaner and fairer world by offering sustainable corporate clothing for your company. We believe that corporate wear should represent the image of your company in all its facets. We can help you reduce your environmental footprint and increase the value of your image by offering responsible, sustainable representation.

Reduce pollution, eliminate waste.

You can contact us, or one of our resellers, to see how you can contribute to a cleaner and fairer world.

The garment industry is on the verge of a new revolution. It’s time for a new, circular way of consuming textiles. Join us in our efforts for more sustainable and beautiful world.

WearEver DA Inside – 100% Circular Clothing

Circular Chain Director




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Dutch Awearness develops sustainable textile innovations, brings in new materials suitable for reuse and is director of the circular chain. All WearEver garments are made of Infinity, a 100% recyclable textile developed by Dutch Awearness. In addition, Dutch Awearness created and is chain director of the Circular Content Management System (CCMS).

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