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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Consultancy

WearEver DA Inside can assist you with improving the CSR policy of your company. You can contact us for a meeting free of obligation, about making your corporate clothing more sustainable.

Customized Collection

All elements of the EverWear collection can be customized according to your specific needs. We offer a wide range of different renewable liners, colours, yarns and buttons. This way, we can perfectly customize the collection to your corporate identity.

Unique customized design

For orders over 50 persons, we can design a unique  customized collection that is seamlessly suited to your needs and represents your corporate identity perfectly.



After their use, all WearEver DA Inside garments will be taken back by Dutch Awearness. They are then shredded and processed into yarns and cloth. This cloth is used again as ‘Infinity’ fabric within the chain. The fabric is the raw material for new corporate wear with the DA Inside label. To achieve this, we enter various data in the Circular Content Management System (CCMS). The data collected is information about materials, products, energy, water, transport, working conditions and the profiles of the manufacturers and suppliers in the production chain. Through the use of ‘Infinity’ and CCMS, the DA Inside label can be added to the garments, because the entire chain is revealed.


What makes WearEver DA Inside different?

Dutch Awearness, WearEver and their supply chain partners take responsibility for all the products they jointly develop. This means that the performance and standards are guaranteed for the customer, even if the garments are shipped. As Dutch Awearness takes the clothes back after use, this will save the usual waste costs. With track and trace technology, CCMS ensures that the garments are checked at every stage. If you scan the QR code on the inside of the suit, you can see the history of the clothing, as well as its environmental impact. The sustainable clothing is made for reuse on the same level and made from high quality materials.